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SM Slave Tape Wrist Restraints

Beginner bondage cuffs

Get your start in the world of Japanese BDSM shibari (rope bondage) with these SM Slave Tape Wrist Restraints, a set of soft-lined, Velcro-tape cuffs suitable for beginners to veterans. Bondage has never been so accessible or appealing to all levels of enthusiasts.

SM Slave Tape Wrist Restraints

Adjustable and durable, these lightweight cuffs will serve novices well with their easy-to-use, easy-to-remove styling, and yet, still serve up a healthy dose of proper bondage for veterans. Use separately or with other sets in the SM Slave Tape line from Tama Toys to spice up your trysts.

SM Slave Tape Wrist Restraints

The SM Slave Tape Wrist Restraints features:

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Uses Velcro-style tape
  • Soft inner lining

US$ 10

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