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Media Coverage

Our online store has been featured by multiple media outlets, helping us to grow and win trust, and for the product manufacturers to become known outside Japan. Some makers we have even later helped to launch their products in foreign countries, while others could use the foreign media exposure to strengthen their image domestically in Japan.

IRL Adult Breastfeeding
The YouTube channel IRL Adult Breastfeeding did a nice video review of our Chichikan Nipple Penetration Breast Milk Fetish Set. Read More »
El País
The online Brazilian edition of El País mentioned our incredible range of sex dolls in an article about Japanese androids. Read More »
GQ Magazine (France)
The French edition of GQ Magazine wrote a great round-up of unusual lubricants on their website, including three of our items: the Young Japanese Girl Tears Lotion, Onassyi Funassyi Lubricant,… Read More »
Onahole Review
Onahole Review did a great round-up of the "top ten onaholes". Of course, we sell every one of them! Read More »
Cracked.com had a fun story for February 14th: "5 Products To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Pure Horror". For number one they included "robotic sex toys" from Japan and included the… Read More »
Mail Online
The online version of UK newspaper Daily Mail, the biggest news website in the world, ran a long article about realistic androids in Japan, and also turned the subject round… Read More »
The Italian edition of Wired did a big feature on mini sex dolls, including Dollho Body Doll Onahole. Read More »
The Debrief
Online magazine The Debrief interviewed our friend Tadashi Anahori from TokyoKinky.com about his expert views on Japan's amazing sex dolls industry. He clarified some of the misconceptions people have and… Read More »
GQ Magazine (France)
The website for the French edition of GQ Magazine did a big feature on penis extender toys, which included three of our products: Men's Generation Neo Okay Hokay Cock Extender,… Read More »
The website for Dutch broadcaster PowNed loved our Orient Industry silicone sex dolls. The Dutch are always so liberal. Thank you! Read More »
Mega Curioso
Brazilian website Mega Curioso was also fascinated by our range of Orient Industry silicone sex dolls. We can see why! Readers seemed to agree, writing over 100 comments on the… Read More »
Mail Online
The Mail Online, the biggest news website in the world, did a major feature on our amazing Orient Industry silicone sex dolls. They unfortunately got some of their facts wrong… Read More »
French website HITEK.fr loved our unique range of smell fetish and other aroma products. As they say, "Le japon est un pays magique et surtout diablement pervers." We agree! Read More »
GQ Magazine (France)
The website for the French edition of men's publication GQ Magazine featured lots of our unusual Tama Toys smell fetish and other unique aroma lubes. Read More »
The website for famous international fashion magazine Cosmopolitan had an interesting round-up of unusual male sex toys, featuring THREE of our shop's line-up: the Enjoy Used Panties, Chokouha Brick Onahole,… Read More »