Japanese Sex Toys Guide

Japanese Sex Toys Guide

This is our guide providing you with information and insights into some of the major aspects of the Japanese sex toys industry and adult scene.

What is an “onahole”?

An onahole means “masturbation hole.” It is a type of realistic masturbator toy, resembling a woman's vagina. Onaholes come in all shapes and sizes. We hope you enjoy finding out more about them! There are two main designs: Onaholes with only one entrance and no “air release hole” at the back, or onaholes which are more like a sleeve with a hole on either end that you can penetrate completely. Most onaholes are the first type because you can create a stimulating vacuum effect around your member.

What is a “meiki”?

A meiki literally means “superb vessel.” It is a special kind of onahole. It does not refer to any particular design but a meiki is usually better quality than a basic onahole. There are also many “clone” meiki masturbators, which are modeled on the vaginas of famous Japanese pornography stars.

Is an onahole like a Fleshlight?

Yes, the classic onahole is a type of masturbator toy that closely resembles a vulva and vagina. In this respect, it is similar to the Fleshlight. But onaholes come in all shapes and sizes, and often feature extra gimmicks and design elements that you just rarely find outside Japan.

What is “cosplay”?

Cosplay means “costume play” and refers originally to the youth subculture of dressing up like certain characters from anime, as made famous in places like Harajuku.

Are Japanese sex toys smaller?

Many people worry about the size of Japanese sex toys. Sometimes they may be a little bit smaller than similar sex toys in America or Europe. However, being tight is of course often a good thing! Also, the length of an onahole is actually not as important for pleasure as the design of the inside hole. If you are concerned about size, please see the descriptions on our product pages.

Why are Japanese sex dolls made from silicone?

There are many kinds of Japanese sex dolls. The best quality ones are the fully silicone dolls, such as those created by Orient Industry. These are usually made from silicone, as opposed to latex, which is common elsewhere. Silicone is preferred by Japanese sex doll designers because it retains heat better, such as when taking a bath with your companion.

What is Orient Industry?

Orient Industry make some of the most luxurious and acclaimed sex dolls in Japan. The company has existed for decades and produced a range of love dolls, though its life-sized, customizable silicone sex dolls are particularly realistic.

What is a “dakimakura”?

A dakimakura is a “hug pillow.” They come in many different forms, such as the “love pillow.” It may be a decorative cover that you put over a regular pillow or they may be inflatable, and with holes in them to use with masturbators. Sometimes dakimakura are called a “Dutch wife”, though this name can also be used for other types of Japanese sex dolls.

What other types of Japanese sex dolls are there?

The varieties are almost endless! However, some major categories include blow-up or air dolls (“kukiningyo”) and plush or foam dolls.

What is Tenga?

Tenga is a pioneering brand of designer Japanese sex toys. It has created such amazing and groundbreaking products as the Flip Hole, Tenga Eggs, and Onacups.

What is “shibari”?

Shibari is the incredible art of Japanese rope bondage, also known as kinbaku.

Why is Japanese pornography pixelated?

The Japanese introduced a law over a hundred years ago to try to copy an idea of western morals. The law is ambiguous but one interpretation of it means that genitals cannot be shown in public (this extends to mainstream cinema as well, though recently this has been relaxed). To conform with this rule, Japanese pornography pixelates the genitals of performers, though we never find this affects our viewing pleasure!

What is a “denma”?

A denma is a type of handheld Japanese female vibrator in a massager style with a large head. The most famous examples are the classic Hitachi Magic Wand and the Fairy series.

What is "otoko no ko"?

An otoko no ko is another word for a crossdresser, though it has a more casual nuance than other terms. The word itself is actually a pun: it sounds like the word for "boy" in Japanse but is written with characters that literally mean "male daughter." A lot of otoko no ko items are costumes.

What is "paizuri"?

Paizuri is the Japanese word for what is known in English as breast sex, a titjob, titty fucking, and so on. It means squeezing lubricated breasts around a penis and rubbing it until ejaculation. There are many types of breasts and nipple toys in Japan catering to paizuri fetishes.

What should I do about maintenance?

Maintenance is vital. Take good care of your sex toys by first washing and then drying them to remove odors and bacteria. Be sure not to use detergents that might corrode the materials. This is particularly important with masturbators, in whose tunnels bacteria can grow if not properly cleaned and dried after use. Sex dolls also require special care. We have a wide range of adult toy maintenance items and sex doll maintenance products.

Is smell fetish a big thing in Japan?

You can find a lot of smell fetish toys in our store. That is because smell fetish is really big in the Japanese adult market. We have a wide range of unique smell lubes and used panties, which also often integrate very special aromas.

Why is there so much parody in Japanese sex toys?

One of the more surprising aspects of the Japanese adult industry is how much it loves irony and parody. Many sex toys are unofficially based on manga or anime, and sometimes real-life events or scandals inspire toys and porn.

Are Japanese sex toys only for men?

Not at all! There is a growing and vibrant market for women. Although men received most of the attention from manufacturers for a long time, you can now find lots of vibrators and other toys that cater to couples and women. Tenga, which pioneered a whole new standard for male masturbation aids, has also developed a very sophisticated lineup of female sex toys called Iroha.

Are Japanese sex toys popular with gay men?

While the straight male remained the typical target user for many years, gay men also like to use Japanese sex toys. Though onaholes that closely replicate the look and feel of a vagina are unlikely to appeal, the many other types of masturbators and sex machines, not to mention Tenga's awesome masturbation aids, are popular with gay men.