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Candy Anal Probe Set

Butt hole dildos

We all love sweets and we all love the sweet feeling of something reaching right up there. The Candy Anal Probe is a set of three flexible, bendy sex toys, each a different size and fun candy-style color. These long friends are ribbed with just the right kind of bumps and curves to touch you in the sensitive spots.

Candy Anal Probe Set

The Candy Anal Probe Set features:

  • Set of three ribbed probes in three candy-style colors
  • Lengths: 190mm (7.5") (large), 155mm (6.1") (medium), 130mm (5.1") (small)
  • Diameters: 21mm (0.8") (large), 15mm (0.6") (medium), 13mm (0.5") (small)

US$ 21

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