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Ball Leather Gag

Leather BDSM gag by Tennosuke

No decent BDSM session can be complete without a gag, and ball gags are one of the best ways to get what you want from your slave. Tennosuke, Tokyo's top bondage goods studio, have created a stylish Ball Gag series of colorful gags that provide for the discerning. Starting with the elegant leather strap that ties at the back (thus fitting all sizes) and its chic buckles, your eyes are then drawn to the balls themselves, in a range of bright designs that really stand out.

Ball Leather Gag

One of the most difficult things about ball gags is how to maintain safety with your pleasure or pain. Japanese ball gags typically use this kind of floorball, with its holes and constant airflow. Not only does it have the right image of restraint, it also ensures plenty of drooling and allows you to continue sessions as long as you want.

The Ball Gag features:

  • Quality BDSM toy by Tokyo studio Tennosuke (BM-001)
  • Ball gag type: floorball (for constant airflow and safety)
  • Strap/cord color: black
  • Cord material: leather
  • Tie-up type: fits all
  • Ball color: red, blue, white, yellow
  • Made-to-order: please allow an extra week till delivery

US$ 17
(Option prices include additional shipping costs if applicable)

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