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Masturbation Apron Bib

Lubricant protection clean body napkin

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Here's something really useful that we are amazed no one thought of before. Don't you just hate it when you have a good orgasm but then are faced with the task of cleaning up? It really ruins the experience and knowing you have the chore ahead of you can even put a guy off his stride while he is mid-stroke, so to speak. Try this, then: The Masturbation Apron Bibs are a paper napkin-style mini body covers that can be slipped on over the top of your member, and then spread out like a fan around your pubic area to provide protection from getting wet.

Masturbation Apron Bib

Whether sitting, lying down or standing up, protect your body from excess lubricant or your juices that drip out of a masturbator toy after you are finished, thanks to these neat and simple aprons. With a diameter of just under 30cm (11.8"), there's almost no chance now of you getting lube on your bed clothes or floor anymore. When you're done, just take it off, roll it up and throw it away.

Masturbation Apron Bib

The Masturbation Apron Bib features:

  • Pack of 200 aprons
  • One-use only per bib napkin
  • Diameter: around 27.5cm (10.8")

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