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Soapland Bath Sex Stool

Bathing pleasure chair

A legendary local pleasure tool for Japan's soapland brothels, this Sex Stool provides you with the perfect seat for giving and receiving stimulation. Find them in soaplands, love hotels or anywhere that takes pleasure seriously. The man should plant himself on the stool and relax. Meanwhile his lady companion will proceed to wash him all over, using the gap in the middle to give due attention to every little crack and corner down there! When you are all lathered up (in more ways than one), you can even switch positions if you like.

Soapland Bath Sex Stool

Truly an icon in Japan (where it is known as the sukebe isu), this stool has come to symbolize the very nature of how the balance in an erotic partnership should REALLY work...Believe us, you will have never felt more pleasured than when being washed in the fullest way possible. The stool is easy to clean, large enough to seat most sizes and is even available in three colors.

Soapland Bath Sex Stool

The Soapland Bath Sex Stool features:

  • Colors: pink, gold or black
  • Weight: about 1kg (2.2 lb)
  • Size: about 290 x 360mm (11.4 x 14.2")

US$ 49
(Option prices include additional shipping costs if applicable)

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