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Onashi Masturbation Sheet

Tight grip bubble wrap

The Japanese are well-known for their traditional approach to the minimal. From ancient pottery to Muji, they can turn something simplistic into a brilliant design. And it's the same for adult toys. Okay, so there's nothing wrong with the very non-minimal delights of the Tenga, A10 Cyclone or any of Orient Industry's amazing silicone sex dolls. (Actually, there's a hell of a lot right with them!) But take this Onashi Masturbation Sheet and you'll see what we mean: A bubble wrap-style sheet that has been especially designed for better masturbation experiences.

Onashi Masturbation Sheet

So straightforward and clever, we are kicking ourselves for not thinking of this first. But instead we want to offer it for the world to enjoy. Wrap this around you and your grip will be tighter than you've ever known. Its contours and feel are modeled on the inside texture and grip of a sweet Japanese pussy and you will very quickly see what we mean! Not only that, this sheet can be slipped into onaholes, masturbators and sex machines to help spice up old favorites.

Onashi Masturbation Sheet

The Onashi Masturbation Sheet features:

  • Size: around 140mm square (5.5")
  • Includes mini lotion sachet (15ml, 0.5 fl oz)

Onashi Masturbation Sheet
US$ 8

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