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Twin Airi Meiki Onahole

Mini Japanese girl masturbator

Meet the Twin Airi Meiki Onahole. She's the more experienced of two "sisters" that fit nicely in the palm of your hand for firm, easy-to-control stroke action. Unlike her sibling, Aina, Airi feels a bit more raw and used. Her soft, dark-colored hole will entangle your member and touch every spot. Her plump body is designed to be squeezed, so compress the air and create a vacuum effect that turns the handy little sister into a climax-inducing wonder toy.

Twin Airi Meiki Onahole

The Twin Airi Meiki Onahole features:

  • Total length: 145mm (5.7")
  • Weight: 260g (9.2 oz)
  • Lubricant included
  • Non-air hole release type masturbator

€ 17

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