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Zhang Xiao Yu Meiki

Choo Shuu U Chinese nude model onahole

We all love Japanese idols and porn stars, but sometimes we like to dabble in other Asian delights. The Zhang Xiao Yu is a superb meiki onahole based on China's top nude model. Zhang Xiao Yu (aka Choo Shuu U) is currently the most popular person on Chinese search engine Baidu, and this meiki does her justice. Born 1985, Zhang is a wicked mixture of cute and seductive: we find it irresistible every time.

Zhang Xiao Yu Meiki

The hole itself is a heavy, impressive model: the double lips surround a gaping, generous passage that leads to a delicious g-spot deep inside. Zhang Xiao Yu brings a whole new meaning to enjoying a Chinese takeaway at home. What's more, for the full Zhang experience get her special lubricant as an extra, based on her actual love juices!

Zhang Xiao Yu Meiki

The Zhang Xiao Yu Meiki features:

  • Meiki onahole based on popular Chinese nude model Zhang Xiao Yu (Choo Shuu U)
  • Double lip formation
  • Length: 17cm (6.7")
  • Width: max. 8cm (3.1")
  • Weight: 800g (28 oz)
  • Extra love juice lotion lube available (200ml, 6.8 fl oz)

€ 45
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