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A propos de Nous

Kanojo Toys is located in Tokyo, Japan and specializes in the Sales of innovative lifestyle products for adults.

Founded as a private company in 2001, Kanojo Toys incorporated as part of its legal parent, OctoTrade Co., Ltd. in 2007. Fascinated with the innovative spirit of the Japanese adult toy industry, we made it our mission to make Japan's erotic wonderland available to the rest of the world.

Currently we feature over 10,000 products, which makes us the largest online retailer of Japanese adult goods to a global community.To be on top of things, we are researching on a daily basis new product ideas, inventions and product launches.

Our Online sales team has a long career in customer support and speaks English, German and Japanese, taking care of each of our customers emails and calls, in the effort to make shopping with us a special experience.