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Vorze A10 Cyclone SA Sex Machine

Rends WiFi Bluetooth robotic masturbator

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Created by Vorze, a new adult brand by Rends, this is an update on the classic Japanese sex machine, the A10 Cyclone. Giving us even more adjustability and style, the Vorze A10 Cyclone SA Sex Machine frankly looks amazing, like something out of our futuristic cyber sex fantasies. The "SA" means "standalone" and the idea here is that the new Vorze A10 is all you need to have a great time (the original A10 Cyclone required the R1 Base Unit to work).

Vorze A10 Cyclone SA Sex Machine

Not only does this look super stylish, the Vorze A10 Cyclone SA comes with a special "master" hole to get you started (five other optional inner cup attachments are also available). This octagonally shaped hole will provide eight simultaneous stimulations for a deeper, more direct sensation. Charge up the battery and then slide in the hole, and then let the machine do the rest. Control the fun with the buttons handily located right on the tube itself.

Vorze A10 Cyclone SA Sex Machine

There are seven gradations of speed and seven patterns of vibrations, making this a very subtle and variable toy. It is also a next-generation sex machine in that it can connect with a computer wirelessly to work with video footage for a fully visual and physical experience. Just insert the special adapter into your USB port so you can have fun in tandem with what you watch on the Vorze Player software. You can even customize the toy's CSV files to alter the speeds of the sex machine to your liking, plus take command of your experience from your Android phone using the Vorze Controller app.

Vorze A10 Cyclone SA Sex Machine

And despite the high-tech functionality, it is also designed with discretion in mind, since the whole toy is very quiet, meaning you can use it at night and not worry about waking up others. In fact, the makers claim it is around 50% quieter than the original A10 Cyclone!

The Vorze A10 Cyclone SA Sex Machine features:

  • Size: 29.3 x 11.6 x 11.6cm (11.5 x 4.6 x 4.6")
  • Weight: 1390g (3.1 lbs)
  • Noise: 43.3db
  • Power: lithium ion battery, 100-240V
  • Charging time: around 2 hours for over 2 hours of continuous use
  • Install Vorze Player software with DVD-ROM included (Japanese only), check Vorze.jp for further guidance
  • CSV files can be customized to control speeds
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1
  • File format: mp4, WMV, AVI, MOV
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wireless connection via special adapter for USB port
  • Also works with Android app (Vorze Controller)
  • Includes Master hole, DVD-ROM, adapter, charger, lubricant
  • Optional inner cup attachments: Vortex, Master, Infinity, Double Flap, Spiral
  • Optional special lubricant Vorze Smooth Lotion
  • Instructions: Japanese (but see Vorze website for English-language guidance)

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