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USB Onahole Warmer

Masturbator sleeve toy heater

A new and enhanced version of the previous model, the USB Onahole Warmer by Rends will heat the deep inside of your middle-sized masturbator toys to make sessions with them feel even better. Super easy to use, just insert it into your USB connection and then slide the thin tube into your onahole sleeve (after lubing up).

USB Onahole Warmer

After a few minutes the USB Onahole Warmer will start to heat up the inside of the hole. Feel free to warm things to your preferred temperature, though Rends says even after just five minutes the onahole can be ready for your grand entrance.

USB Onahole Warmer

The USB Onahole Warmer features:

  • Connection: USB 2.0, 500mA
  • Always lube an onahole masturbator toy before using with the Warmer
  • Check temperature every 30 seconds
  • Allow at least 5 minutes to warm up (may take longer for larger toys)
  • Instructions: Japanese

US$ 8

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