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Tiara Pro Lubricant Clear 600 ml (20.3 fl oz)

Professional sex worker standard lube

The Tiara Pro Lubricant Clear offers lubrication on a par with the high standards of the Japanese sex industry. Tokyo's sex workers use lube just like this with their clients and it's easy to see (and feel) why when you pour the thick, silky lubricant into your hands. The lube is clear; there's no color gimmicks here, just pure, sensual liquid for lubricating during masturbation, foreplay with a partner, or penetrative sex. The bottle comes in a large size and is easy to pour. Your bedside isn't complete without a bottle of Tiara Pro Lubricant nearby.

Specs and Features:

  • Professional standard
  • Color: clear
  • 600 ml (20.3 fl oz)
  • Easy to wash off
US$ 9

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