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Stealth Bazooka M

See-through cock dildo toy

The Stealth Bazooka M is a see-through, stunningly textured cock toy that goes boom inside your most sensitive orifice, made of a durable yet supple material so you can really let rip inside your pussy or butt.

With a cute pair of balls and gently protruding glans, the slender dimensions and contours makes the dildo suitable for a broader range of holes and tastes. The transparency means your or your partner's view of the action isn't affected, plus the suction cup on the base allows you to attach the dildo to a surface and slide down deep even when playing solo and hands-free.

Specs and Features:

  • See-through
  • Suction cup on base
  • Durable yet flexible
  • Unique penis shape and texture
  • Dimensions: 230 x 80 x 70 mm (9.1 x 3.1 x 2.8")
  • Weight: 284 g (10 oz)
US$ 23

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