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Stealth Bazooka XL

See-through penis toy

The Stealth Bazooka XL combines the best of both worlds: a uniquely shaped, more slender cock that is nonetheless still large, hefty, and chunky enough to make a difference. The see-through toy makes insertion lots of fun, because you and your partner can view the action.

The shaft has a slight curve, ending with a pair of balls and suction cup for sticking the dildo to flat surfaces. The glans is subtly bulbous, with a tip that makes insertion easier and is designed to slide in and blast your pussy or butthole to whole new pleasure levels.

Specs and Features:

  • See-through
  • Suction cup on base
  • Durable yet flexible
  • Unique penis shape and texture
  • Dimensions: 330 x 110 x 95 mm (13 x 4.3 x 3.7")
  • Weight: 780 g (1.7 lb)
US$ 43

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