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Shakuhachi Musume Pump

Blowjob oral sex stimulation

This neat little toy will give you the sensation of a blowjob without the hassle. It's a set of a small hand pump and onahole in one. Just pop yourself in the hole and attach the pump, and then let the Shakuhachi Musume (Fellatio Girl) do the rest!

Shakuhachi Musume Pump

Shakuhachi is actually a type of traditional Japanese instrument but its resemblance to an oboe has led to it becoming a euphemism for oral sex. And this sweet young girl will play some very melodious music on you!

Shakuhachi Musume Pump

The Shakuhachi Musume Pump features:

  • Cup size: 9 x 6cm (3.5 x 2.4")
  • Cup insertable length: 8cm (3.1")
  • Includes mini lotion

US$ 17

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