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Higo Taiho Erection Pump

Traditional Japanese erectile dysfunction remedy

If you suffer from erectile disfunction then think twice before reaching for modern day synetic remedies like Viagra. There are other safer and more traditional means to help you achieve success in the bedroom. From the same people who recreated the historical delights of the Higo Zuiki Japanese dildo and other ancient sex toys, the tried and tested Higo Taiho will turn your member into a cannon (taiho) with the help of Kumamoto's finest adult craftsmen. It even comes in a handy and elegant palm-sized pouch so no one needs to know what it's for!

Higo Taiho Erection Pump

Without side-effects or pain, the Taiho will support you to get the erection you deserve and, most importantly, maintain it for the time required to do its job! So how to use it? It's simple: First fold over the furthest rim of the Higo Taiho cone, and then slide it over your member, using lubricant as required. Fold back out the tip of the cone, pushing down on the other end to fasten it tight to the stem of your member. Now you will be snug inside the support. Use the attached air pump to gently apply pressure. As the blood increases you will get a natural erection, helped no doubt by your partner being nearby and ready for the action to start!

Higo Taiho Erection Pump

The Higo Taiho features:

  • Ideal for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation etc.
  • Includes 7 lotions
  • Come with special pouch
  • Be careful not to overapply pressure to your penis

US$ 261

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