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Japanese Schoolgirl Panties #31

Used underwear aroma fetish item

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Who said schoolgirls were innocent? These Japanese Schoolgirl Panties #31 by Tama Toys come with a scent that shows she's had plenty of sexy thoughts during class. Whether you use them as they come or put them on a doll or partner, their cute pink is bound to get you excited. The underwear's classic design replicates the kind of panties you can find under the school uniforms of Japanese high school students. So get ready to live out those fantasies of schoolgirl anime character panchira upskirt panty shots!

Japanese Schoolgirl Panties #31
Japanese Schoolgirl Panties #31
Japanese Schoolgirl Panties #31

The Japanese Schoolgirl Panties #31 feature:

  • Replicates smell of Japanese female school student underwear
  • Classic design and look of Japanese schoolgirl panties
  • Imitates the sensation of used underwear
  • Size: medium
  • Limited quantity
  • Illustration: Wamu Takamura
  • Color: pink

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