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Japanese Schoolgirl Sweat Smell Panties

Teenager gym aroma fetish underwear

The strong, distinctive odor of female students at play has been imbued perfectly into this cute pair of Japanese Schoolgirl Sweat Smell Panties. Whether worn on your lover in bed or fit snugly around your favorite sex doll, or just enjoyed all on their own, this forbidden fruit is sure to kick your pheromones straight into overdrive mode. An authentic smell gleaned from a young girl at the start of womanhood.

Japanese Schoolgirl Sweat Smell Panties

The Japanese Schoolgirl Sweat Smell Panties features:

  • One pair of underwear replicating aroma and sensation of being worn
  • Colors and design may vary from those shown
  • Please note that this item cannot be returned

US$ 26

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