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Haruka Onedari Body Sex Doll

Curvy Japanese girl E-cup bust

If you like your girls with opulent breasts and both holes for the taking, then slide yourself up for a snuggle with the Haruka Onedari Body Sex Doll. Haruka's beautiful E-cup will dazzle the eyes almost as much as it feels great to the hands. Knead, caress and stroke those breasts all you want, but don't forget the hips.

Haruka Onedari Body Sex Doll

The hips are exquisitely curvy and ripe for the gripping as you push yourself deep into Haruka's body. Once inside, there's no going back - that is, unless you want to try out her other hole. Because Haruka, just like in real life, comes with two holes, so you flip her over for even more fun.

Haruka Onedari Body Sex Doll

The Haruka Onedari Body Sex Doll features:

  • Double hole
  • E-cup
  • Length: 41cm (16.1")
  • Width: 25cm (9.8")
  • Weight: 5.5kg (12.1 lb)
  • Non-air release hole type

US$ 253
Shipping weight: 7.5Kg / 16.5lbs

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