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Mashiro Onedari Body Sex Doll

Torso, E-cup bust, double hole masturbator

With hips, butt, bust and two holes you know here, things don't get much better than the Mashiro Onedari Body Sex Doll, the "Sweet Devil Body of Mashiro". This is a half-body doll, with a very realistic texture to the skin and a torso simply to die for. She doesn't have a head, legs or arms but everything else is present and correct. And what assets they are: an exquisite E-cup bust, a slender waist, grip-me-hard thighs, and a pert butt.

Mashiro Onedari Body Sex Doll

Massaging her breasts alone will be satisfaction enough but her curvy yet slim body is a total Asian fantasy. The weight is a very real 8kg (over 17 lbs) so you will really feel like you are holding a voluptuous Japanese girl in your hands. You can lie on top or enter her from behind. Don't neglect her waist. It's just perfect for gripping tight so let her ride you for even more sensational sessions.

Mashiro Onedari Body Sex Doll

The Mashiro Onedari Body Sex Doll features:

  • Size: 50 x 30cm (19.7 x 11.8")
  • Weight: 8kg (17.6 lbs)
  • Waist: 45cm (17.7")
  • Bust: E cup
  • Double hole
  • Non-air release hole type

Mashiro Onedari Body Sex Doll
US$ 252

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