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Doctor and Nurse Used Panties

Medical staff fetish underwear

After saving lives and being on call all night, you can bet that these Doctor and Nurse Used Panties will be quite rank. Teachers, office workers and now doctors. The used panty fetish phenomenon from Japan is building quite a collection, and you can have a piece of the action. The name of the nurse or doctor from whom these panties are allegedly taken is written on the card, along with where they live. Perfect for your sex doll, taking naughty nurse cosplay to a new level with your partner, or just enjoying the fresh sensation all by yourself.

Doctor and Nurse Used Panties

The Doctor and Nurse Used Panties features:

  • Includes random pair of panties
  • Colors and design may vary from those shown
  • Text on card is only in Japanese
  • Please note that this product cannot be returned

US$ 10

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