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Play with Doctor Kit

Medical roleplay cosplay set

Get ready to get naughty with this 6-piece Play with Doctor Kit. Realistically designed, the doctor-and-patient roleplay set comes complete with a fake stethoscope, a rotor vibe, plastic gloves, lube, clitoris cap, and a syringe. The clitoris cap is an extremely interesting item. To use, simply squeeze the bulb and place the opening over her you-know-what. The vacuum will create a sensation unlike any other!

Play with Doctor Kit

Gear up and you too can explore the world of "playing doctor" with your favorite patient. As the items in the set have a pretty realistic look, they are also great for cosplay, parties, or Halloween. So, are you ready for your appointment?

The Play with Doctor Kit features:

  • 6-item playing doctor cosplay set
  • Not real medical items

US$ 26
Shipping weight: 0.7Kg / 1.54lbs

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