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Daydream Girls Shion Kitamura Onahole

Manga anime girl masturbator

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Just like her succulent petite sister Yuka, Shion Kitamura is another Daydream Girl anime-themed masturbator. If your preference is for young virginal ladies then Shion is the gal for you, with her nascent bust and slender figure. This onahole features a torso and thighs for added 3D tactile sensation while you explore her insides.

Daydream Girls Shion Kitamura Onahole

Included in this set is a bottle of lotion to get Shion lubed up, plus two posters with the nubile lass that demand your close attention ASAP. Most of her, Shion's delicate and tight entrance perfectly recreates the sensation of penetrating a youthful Daydream Girl.

The Daydream Girls Shion Kitamura features:

  • Manga-style onahole
  • Size: about 140 x 80mm (5.4 x 3.1")
  • Includes lotion (80ml, 2.7fl oz) and posters

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