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Bungee Shake Glans

Spongy string masturbator onahole

The Bungee Shake Glans from Ride is a wilder, bolder onahole masturbator revolutionizing the way you play. Taking the art of masturbation to a new level, the product introduces six "bungee strings" spaced throughout the spiral hole.

Bungee Shake Glans

Designed to wrap themselves around the penis, the extremely flexible and stretchy strings are made to stimulate the glans. Maker Ride even suggests that you can snip the strings in a variety ways to customize your experience via this thick, spongy onahole with vacuum suction.

Bungee Shake Glans

The Bungee Shake Glans features:

  • Length: 17.5cm (6.9")
  • Weight: 324g (11.4 oz)
  • Includes lotion
  • Stretchable
  • Washable
  • Non-air release hole type masturbator
  • Materials: TPE
  • Made in Japan

US$ 17

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