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Virtual Onahole 4 Ririco DVD Set

JAV porn star clone masturbator, movie, love juice

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This set has everything you could need. A masturbator with an air-release hole, modeled on the you-know-what of a top JAV porn star. A bottle of lube created from the love juices of the same lady. And a full region free two-hour DVD so you can watch the star while she gives you her pussy for your private pleasure. Welcome to the Virtual Onahole series.

Virtual Onahole 4 Ririco DVD Set

Ririco is known for her acclaimed portrayals of lesbians and "chijo" (dominatrix). Her massive G-cup has needless to say also won her a legion of fans. Her onahole is a straight, tight hole with three ecstasy points and an air release. What's more, the material is pliable, soft and stretchy, so you can tug and pull as much as you like.

Virtual Onahole 4 Ririco DVD Set

The Virtual Onahole 4 Ririco DVD Set features:

  • Porn DVD with Ririco (120 mins) (Region Free, NTSC)
  • Ririco porn star clone masturbator (length: about 110mm, 4.3")
  • Ririco love juice lotion (20ml, 0.7 fl oz)
  • Air-release hole type masturbator

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