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Unicorn Makaizou Extreme Modification Lubricant Zero

Long-lasting lube for masturbator toys

The Unicorn series of fantasy strokers just got even better with the Unicorn Makaizou Extreme Modification Lubricant Zero, which is designed for slow, gentle masturbation. A little goes a long way with this high-quality lube, which is especially recommended for masturbator toys (either from the Unicorn series or others). The bottle features a long nozzle that makes it easier to apply lubricant directly into the hole of your stroker, ensuring the silky texture of the lube fully accentuates the inner canal of the toy.

Specs and Features:

  • For slow masturbation
  • Long lasting
  • High lubrication (polyquaternium)
  • High quality
  • With long nozzle
  • Ideal for use with onaholes/masturbators
  • Made in Japan
€ 15

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