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Rika Hoshimi Wife Onahole

JAV porn star clone body masturbator

Imagine if Japanese porn princess Rika Hoshimi was your wife? That's the idea behind this large Rika Hoshimi Wife Onahole. More than just a masturbator, this is a mini doll, giving you her body so you can hold your new spouse with both hands and feel her thighs, breasts and slender waist.

Rika Hoshimi Wife Onahole

The hefty hole has a realistic weight and can be laid down flat or held in a number of different positions. Of course, you will want to slide yourself inside her as soon as possible, and we don't blame you. Rika has two holes, just like in real life, and you should make full use of both.

Rika Hoshimi Wife Onahole

The Rika Hoshimi Wife Onahole features:

  • Based on JAV porn star Rika Hoshimi
  • Double hole
  • Size: 150 x 450 x 250mm (5.9 x 17.7 x 9.8")
  • Weight: 8kg (17.6 lb)
  • Non-air release hole type masturbator

Rika Hoshimi Wife Onahole
€ 349

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