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Meiki no Hinkaku - Utensil Race

After seven years of research in collaboration with doctors and specialists, Meiki no Hinkaku is our most realistic onahole yet and is designed using 3D technology. With amazingly soft and supple material and TWO versions to suit your needs, Meiki no Hinkaku will make you think you're grinding in the real thing.

Meiki no Hinkaku - Utensil Race

As you can see from the cross-section photos, these are incredible recreations of the female anatomy, complete with realistic internal bumps, lips, and all mannr of twists for your pleasure.

Meiki no Hinkaku - Utensil Race

Upper Version: Designed to replicate a mature woman’s parts, with a slightly wider inside and fuller lips.

Lower Version: For a younger feeling, with a tighter hole and thinner vaginal lips.

Meiki no Hinkaku - Utensil Race

Both versions come in nice large sizes for a good grip and universal stretch fit (even for well-endowed men), and are presented in a classic Japanese-style wooden box for storage. At the time of this writing, Meiki no Hinkaku is the most popular onahole in Japan, and has created its own unique market for realistic, stylish onaholes.

Meiki no Hinkaku features:

  • Choice of Lower or Upper versions
  • Realistic internal bumps and winding
  • Super-soft and durable material
  • Wooden Japanese-style storage box

€ 45
(Les prix des options peuvent inclure des frais de livraison supplémentaires)

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