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Love Body Aki Air Doll

Japanese blow-up sex doll onahole set

Ideal for dressing up in your favorite cosplay outfits, this demure Love Body Aki is a blow-up air doll in a sitting position that will be your perfect companion. Great for cowboy or doggy-style, there is also a special Aki Versus onahole included, designed just for this sweet doll to enhance your pleasure.

Love Body Aki Air Doll

With her slender waist but hour-glass figure to die for, you will be able to enjoy playing with Aki in the bath or in bed, trying out clothes and costumes, or just the reliable pleasures of a masturbator.

Love Body Aki Air Doll

The Love Body Aki features:

  • Size: around 76 x 56 x 88cm (30 x 22 x 35")
  • Optional extras available: white bikini, Akihabara-style idol costume

€ 24
(Les prix des options peuvent inclure des frais de livraison supplémentaires)

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