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Ikuno Nagisa Smell Lubricant 360 ml (12.2 fl oz)

Scented masturbation lube

Ikuno Nagisa is an "onadoll" (masturbation idol) whose series of adult toys have become bestsellers. Her Ikuno Nagisa Smell Lubricant was so popular, the makers have returned with a bigger bottle. The easy-to-pour nozzle means you can really indulge with this scented masturbation lube, which features a natural texture, pinkish color, and fruity fragrance and freshing aroma inspired by Ikuno-chan's shampoo.

Specs and Features:

  • Fruity, shampoo-like scent
  • Pink color
  • Medium viscosity
  • Easy to clean/wipe
  • 360 ml (12.2 fl oz)
  • Contains purified water, sodium polyacrylate, PG, scent, coloring agent, sodium dehydroacetate, EDTA-2Na
  • Made in Japan
€ 8

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