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Crystal Meiki Onahole

Despite it's novel transparent appearance, this Crystal Meiki Onahole is not real crystal, but is actually composed of a flexible jelly-like substance that no matter which way you pull and stretch it, it always retains its original onahole shape.

Crystal Meiki Onahole

At one end is an amazing bumped and ribbed onahole, and you'll certainly be pleased with the pleasure on that end! But if you feel like kickin' it into high gear for extra pleasure, the opposite end has a hole where you can insert the accompanying electric rotor. If you weren't impressed before, you're going to be blown away by this particular feature. Sharp design and innovative functionality make the Crystal Meiki your new best friend.

The Crystal Meiki Features:

  • 3cm flexible center hole (1.2")
  • Stretchy material always retains shape
  • Quiet electric rotor-vibrator included
  • Passes dermal irritation test standards

€ 15

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