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Black Swimsuit Carbon Fiber Gloss XL

Sexy, sensual female competition swimsuit

The Black Swimsuit Carbon Fiber Gloss XL borrows the style of competition swimsuits to create a sleek, sensual costume that makes you feel great when you wear it, and look great for anyone lucky enough to see you in it. The coating of the black swimsuit is inspired by the unique texture of carbon fiber and has a delicate sheen. It hugs and accentuates your curves, leaving just enough of your body nude, especially your shoulders, armpits, shoulders, and thighs. Get ready to dive into the bedroom in this jaw-dropping costume.

Specs and Features:

  • For women
  • Stretchy
  • With sensual gloss/sheen
  • Carbon fiber-inspired texture
  • Size: XL
  • Under-bust: 77-85 cm (30-33.5")
  • Bust: 91-100 cm (36-39")
  • Hips: 94-106 cm (37-42")
  • Model: Saika Kawakita
€ 71
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