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Water Screw V

Shower & bath sex machine Akira Narita

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A shower can feel great and now you can harness the soothing and relaxing power of water to pump up your pleasure principles. The Water Screw V takes a hose, water (warm or to your preference) and then grinds your member in this aqua action tube till you pop your load.

Water Screw V

If you like to jerk off in the shower or bath then you can truly make the most of the water with the Screw V, and let the flow drive the triple rotating gears. Just connect the included hose to your faucet or water outlet, and let good old H2O do the rest. There's a handle on top for ease of handling, leaving you and your lower body free to thrust and pump to your heart's content.

The Water Screw V features:

  • Size: 14 x 24cm (5.5 x 9.4")
  • Includes hose (1m, 39.4")
  • Instructions: Japanese but self-explanatory

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