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Used Panties

Japanese Girls' underwear simulation used smell

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One of the great urban legends about Japan comes to life courtesy of Kanojo Toys. We have all wanted to get our hands on a pair of Used Panties for ages and now we finally can! This series of underwear replicates the real smell and feel of three tender ladies of Tokyo.

Used Panties

First up we have Kyoko: we've all seen this girl working her part-time shifts at the local convenience store. We've always wanted to get to know her just that little bit better and this is your chance. Kyoko's panties smell of peach and strawberry, a fruity experience you will want to return to again and again.

Used Panties

Rumi is a young, idle housewife whose husband lives away from the city on business. She is just yearning for someone to look after her black sexy panties, with their hint of mango and peach.

Used Panties

Finally, Sakura is a nubile young university student with sweet panties fragrant of strawberry and coconuts. While she was busy with her homework we snatched her frilly underwear, now ready for your private encouragement.

The Used Panties features:

  • Real panties simulating the feel and smell of being worn
  • Choose from: Kyoko, Rumi, Sakura, or all three
  • Mini-lotion included
  • *Please note that these items cannot be returned*

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