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Super Erotic Virgin Killer Sweater-Dress Gray

Sexy, revealing clothing for women

We all loved the Virgin Killer Sweater when it exploded on social media in Japan a few years ago, made famous by gravure idols. It resembles a short dress in length but has the look and feel of a sweater. Now it's back in a new version: the Super Erotic Virgin Killer Sweater-Dress Gray. Be careful about wearing this around male virgins, since you might end up killing them! The sweater-dress shows off plenty of bare thigh, side boob and bust, and shoulders, while the lacy ribbons over the slits and lower back seriously add to the allure you give off.

Specs and Features:

  • Sweater-style dress and wristbands
  • With lacy ribbons
  • Exposed back, shoulders, and side boob
  • Side slits
  • Color: gray
  • Size: M
  • Bust: 78-88 cm (31-35")
  • Waist: 58-70 cm (23-28")
  • Height: 87-95 cm (34-37")
  • Shoes, tights/stockings, and panties not included
  • Model: Saika Kawakita
US$ 32

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