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Punitto Real Penis Sleeve

Japanese cock extender for penis and dildos

Offering a gentle fit, the Punitto Real Penis Sleeve transforms your member or your toys like dildos and vibrators with the stunning shape of a beautiful Japanese cock. The glans has a fantastically round and subtle corona, forming a graceful V shape where the frenulum joins the head. The shaft is covered in sinuous veins that you feel rubbing against the most intimate parts of your body. The sleeve is straight, so you can let the texture and shape do its work while it thrusts into you.

Specs and Features:

  • Suitable for wearing on a penis
  • Also recommended for putting on a dildo or vibrator
  • Straight
  • Realistically textured with veins and beautifully shaped glans
  • Total length: 140 mm (5.5")
  • Inner sleeve diameter: 23 mm (0.9")
  • Glans diameter: 45 mm (1.8")
  • Sleeve/extender girth diameter: 8 mm (0.3")
US$ 15

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