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Pubic Hair Shaving Stencils

Sexy and fun designs

Transform that moment when the panties come off a truly memorable one. Made of durable and skin-friendly silicone, the Pubic Hair Shaving Stencils are a set of seven shapes for creating alluring, fun, and sexy visuals with your hair downstairs. The effects are guaranteed to improve foreplay and delight your partner while they are giving you the attention you deserve between your legs.

Easy to use, just trim your pubic hair, choose the shape you want, place the stencil over the pubic zone using the holder stick, and then start shaving around the stencil with your razor.

Which will you choose? The set includes a heart, crescent, lips, star, line, lightning flash, and triangle stencil. Though ladies are likely to get the best use of these items, they are actually unisex and can also be harnessed by guys who want to groom their pubic zone in inventive ways.

Specs and Features:

  • Unisex
  • For shaving pubic hair
  • 7 shapes: heart, crescent, lips, star, line, lightning flash, triangle
  • Easy to use
  • Trim before use
  • Razor not included
  • Material: silicone
US$ 17

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