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Pocchari Girl Voluptuous Used Panties

Busty, curvy fetish underwear

Used panties fetishists and chubby-chasers will jump at the chance to get their hands on these Pocchari Girl Voluptuous Used Panties. This pair of underwear have been apparently stripped from a sexy, curvy Japanese girl's personal lingerie collection, then specially sealed to preserve their freshness on their long journey from Japan. The unique aroma of the girl has been practically woven into the underwear. Now you can experience the Japanese taboo underwear market delivered right to your very own doorstep.

Pocchari Girl Voluptuous Used Panties

The Pocchari Girl Voluptuous Used Panties features:

  • Includes random pair of plus-sized panties
  • Colors and design may vary from those shown
  • Please note that this product cannot be returned

US$ 11

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