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Nipple Ring Fat Hard Suction Pumps

Unisex breast suction cups and stimulation rings

The Nipple Ring Fat Hard Suction Pumps is a pair of unisex cups with eight rings (with varying designs and diameters) for trying different sensations on your nipples (male and female). Enjoy the tight stimulation and suction by choosing the ring you want, slipping on the cup over your tit (or both tits at once!), squeezing the pumps to harden your nipples, and then sliding the ring over your nipples to keep them hard.

Specs and Features:

  • Unisex
  • Hand-pumped
  • 2 cups with pumps
  • 8 rings
  • Ring inner diameter: 6-11 mm (0.2-0.4")
  • Material: ABS, silicone
US$ 14

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