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Maiden Onahole

Iron Maiden virgin anime idol masturbator

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Inspired by the image of an anime idol virgin trapped in an iron maiden box, the Maiden Onahole is waiting for her master to pluck her. Take her out of the "iron maiden" box and she's your prisoner. Mai Kurogane will "bleed" like a true virgin after you penetrate her youthful body.

Maiden Onahole

Made with super soft "virgin pure" materials, the Maiden includes a petite pair of breasts and a slender waist.

Maiden Onahole

After pushing through her tight entrance, there is a G-spot curve that pulls you into a nest of ribs, before you are finally squeezed through a super tight straight tunnel.

Maiden Onahole

The Maiden Onahole features:

  • Size: 158 x 77 x 60mm (6.2 x 3 x 2.4")
  • Weight: 310g (10.9 oz)
  • Low odor
  • Full air release hole type masturbator

Maiden Onahole
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