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Long Colon Snake Plug Do Pump Anal Toy L

Large butt probe

The Long Colon Snake Plug Do Pump Anal Toy L is seriously long and seriously wide. And if you're serious about anal pleasure, this is the plug you need. The flanged base makes it easier to grip and prevents the plug from going in too far. The wavy, bulbous shape of the shaft gets wider, expanding your rectum the deeper it goes. This plug, which is made of bendy yet durable liquid silicone, is recommended for people more experienced with anal play.

Specs and Features:

  • Anal/butt plug
  • Wavy and slender design
  • Flanged base
  • Total length: 380 mm (15")
  • Max. diameter: 53 mm (2.1")
  • Weight: 533 g (18.8 oz)
  • Material: liquid silicone
US$ 37

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