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Lacy Open-Crotch Male Thong Purple

Sexy, revealing underwear for men

The Lacy Open-Crotch Male Thong Purple is a pair of panties designed for men but borrowing firmly from the design of feminine lingerie, featuring a frilly and attractive style that is thin and accentuates your hips. It culminates in the middle in a hole so you can hang loose (flaccid or erect, that's up to you and your partner!). At the back, the semi-thong is slightly shiny and quite subtly shaped, covering most of your buttocks but leaving the bottom of your ass on show. The purple color makes the panties really stand out, so this is not a choice of underwear for shy guys!

Specs and Features:

  • For men
  • Lacy
  • With hole/opening for penis
  • Semi-thong back
  • Size: M
  • Waist: 76 cm (30")
US$ 7

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