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JK Schoolgirl Feet Smell Spray

Japanese school student aroma fetish

The JK Schoolgirl Feet Smell Spray bottles up a replica of the sweet fragrance of a Japanese high school student's feet. An awesome fetish accessory to spray on dolls, dakimakura pillow covers, hands, costumes, and more, this is a must-have collaboration item by Tama Toys and doujinshi circle Usotsukiya (Ohuso).

Specs and Features:

  • Schoolgirl fetish
  • Feet smell fetish
  • Collaboration between Tama Toys and adult doujinshi circle Usotsukiya (Ohuso)
  • 10 ml (0.3 fl oz)
  • Ingredients: water, ethanol, castor oil with PEG-40, perfume
  • Made in Japan
US$ 14

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