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First Fetish 3 Collar and Cuffs

Easy BDSM restraint gear for hands and neck

The First Fetish 3 Collar and Cuffs is an easy BDSM restraint gear set for the hands and neck. Simple to use and suitable for all levels, the collar and handcuffs come in a visually striking black and purple color scheme. Simultaneously restrain your slave's neck and wrists with the cuffs and collar, which you can attach to the body with adjustable Velcro-style fasteners, and to each other with clip buckles (whose lengths are also adjustable).

The synthetic leather restraints are durable yet soft, providing the kinky stimulation of submission without causing damage to the skin.

Specs and Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Color: black and purple
  • Velcro-style fasteners
  • Clip buckles (adjustable length, up to 250 mm / 9.8")
  • Collar dimensions: 435 x 45 mm (17.1 x 1.8")
  • Cuff dimensions: 200 x 60 mm (7.9 x 2.4")
  • Cuff inner diameter (each): 41-74 mm (1.6-2.9")
  • Collar inner diameter: 97-168 mm (3.8-6.6")
  • Weight: 120 g (4.3 oz)
  • Material: cushioned synthetic leather
US$ 27

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