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Choice Hard Version Onahole

Tight stimulation vacuum masturbator

The Choice Hard Version Onahole is for gentlemen who prefer a "rough" experience. Featuring large, protective outer labia, the entrance to this gal's love tunnel is two-fold. Once past the larger exterior, dainty yet realistic inner labia lead you to her inner depths wherein you will find she has a double chamber of stimulation awaiting your entrance.

Choice Hard Version Onahole

The first chamber consists of an ever-increasing tight set of ribs through the forward "bulb" of her body. That curves to gripping point where you can apply pressure to modify the stimulation. The second chamber awaits you deep within her, where the last 8cm (3.14") is another grouping of ribs to finish you off.

Choice Hard Version Onahole

The Choice Hard Version Onahole features:

  • Size: 110 x 70mm (4.3 x 2.8")
  • Hybrid hard skin
  • Includes mini lubricant
  • Non-air release hole type masturbator

US$ 9
Shipping weight: 0.55Kg / 1.21lbs

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