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Boy's Penis Smell Bottle

Young cock smell shotacon fetish liquid

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Take in the fruitful and fragrant allure of a teenaged boy's youthful member with this strongly scented shotacon fetish liquid. This Boy's Penis Smell Bottle traps the pungent and realistic aroma of a young feminine man's erect cock in travel-sized bottle, giving you the opportunity to whiff an otoko no ko whenever you want to. Rub it on yourself, your favorite toy, or even a partner to add a whole new level of stimulation.

Boys Penis Smell Bottle

Boys Penis Smell Bottle

The Boy's Penis Smell Bottle features:

  • Liquid with smell replicating the aroma of a boy's penis
  • Use like lubricant or as fetish scent
  • 10ml bottle (0.4 oz)
  • Made in Japan

Boys Penis Smell Bottle
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