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Sex Slave Izakaya Nyotaimori Feast

Rocket JAV fetish adult DVD with Hitomi Kitagawa, Yuki Natsume

The first in a series of fantasy JAV films from label Rocket about "black corporations" (exploitative businesses), this is set in an izakaya that treats its employees like sex slaves. Hitomi Kitagawa and Yuki Natsume are two new hot employees serving the food and drinks at this restaurant. But what they didn't realize when they signed up was that they also have to perform extra physical duties for the customers (and co-workers).

Sex Slave Izakaya Nyotaimori Feast

This may include a quick handjob or opening their legs in between serving beers, but also more extreme tasks. The finale is that greatest Japanese erotic urban myth of all: the nyotaimori feast of sushi enjoyed on a naked woman's body. And you can rest assured, there certainly is dessert at the end of this dirty banquet.

Sex Slave Izakaya Nyotaimori Feast

Sex Slave Izakaya Nyotaimori Feast features:

  • 130-minute Japanese adult DVD
  • Starring Hitomi Kitagawa, Yuki Natsume
  • Region free

Sex Slave Izakaya Nyotaimori Feast
US$ 51

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