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Onahole Cleaning Sticks

Masturbator maintenance tool

If you want your favorite masturbator toy to last longer while also keeping that fresh new feeling with every use, then you'll absolutely want to pick up this pack of Onahole Cleaning Sticks from the adult toy masters at Merci. These sticks come with soft yellow sponges at their tips that are specifically designed for cleaning the complex internal structure of masturbator toys. Even irregularly shaped onaholes with hard to reach places will get the deep and dedicated cleaning that they deserve!

Onahole Cleaning Sticks

The Onahole Cleaning Sticks feature:

  • Specialist onahole/masturbator toy cleaning tool
  • Includes five sticks
  • Length: 16cm (6.3")
  • Soft and easy to use

Onahole Cleaning Sticks
€ 5

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